An integrated service offer to put your destination on the map.


& press travels

We send influencers and/or reporters to your destination and we have them live an unforgettable travel experience. They embrace the culture of your country and make it appealing to their audience.

They create content on their social media or in the news to take their audience with them and inspire them for their next travel plan. They can promote :

  • airline partners

  • hotels

  • the culture of your country 

  • the touristic assets 

  • the best activities in town

Content creation by the best travel art directors

We send the finest creation team in your destination and we have them create meaningful travel memories in photography, film, cinemagraphs, articles. No details is left aside, every single beach, activity, market, food speciality, monument is documented by the creative team composed by :

  • A travel videast 

  • A travel photographer

  • An assistant director


We provide cutting-edge technology to capture the best travel footage of your destination :

  • Brand new series of drones for aerial photography

  • The latest underwater cases to explore the seabed of your country

  • Stabilization materials, lights, etc.


Integrated content
distribution strategy

We work efficiently and expertly with all media channels, combining digital and offline for integrated media plans. 

We negotiate the influencers’ content rights so you can re-use them in global media strategies.

Our 360 approach to media gives our clients the insight and expert counsel to make the best decisions for your media investments. Our experience is alike so audiences of all sizes can be reached in creative and innovative ways.

In addition to digital contents, we can develop content for :

  • street marketing, 

  • brochures for your vendors, 

  • billboard ads,