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Voyage Privé x

Tourism Board Abu Dhabi

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28.4 millions

28.4 millions

28.4 millions

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Discover the hidden side of Abu Dhabi through the unique and privileged Voyage Privé experience.



Voyage Privé x Tourism Board Abu Dhabi


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25 yo who are

used to travel


7 lifestyle influencers, travel and family


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#BeSeduced by the Voyage Privé's experience in Abu Dhabi

Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of Abu Dhabi and the Voyage Privé offers. Still unknown to the general public, Voyage Privé and the Abu Dhabi Tourism Board have joined to make French influencers discover the cultural wealth that the region has to offer. During four different periods of the year, 4 pairs of influencers were able to discover the city from all sides.


Step 01

Let's go to Abu Dhabi

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Travelling with Voyage Privé, the 4 influencers' stays are entirely all-inclusive and they discover the destination in the most stunning hotels in the city! The beautiful Abu Dhabi has everything to show them

Step 02

A taylor-made experience

AbuDhabi Voyage Prive_Steps-02.png

Each pair enjoyed a stay that suits them and allowed them to discover the richness of the city in terms of art, culture and entertainment. For a few days, the creators were able to combine visits, new experiences and a relaxing moment in the beautiful Voyage Privé partner hotels. During their week, the influencers shared their experience through stories and posts on their networks.

Step 03

Time to come back and remember

AbuDhabi Voyage Prive_Steps-01.png

At the end of their stay, the creators recalled their memories by creating inspiring reels. A showcase of Abu Dhabi culture and the surprises it holds in store for creators who were able to convey their emotions through local interaction.

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Our influenceurs

Valentin Lucas

Stefan Tisseyre

Floral Coquerel

Megan Villiot

Lucie Kakuta Mambenga

Iris Mittenaere

Diego El Galoui

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