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The islands of

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We wanted to show how fun, original and diverse it is to travel to Guadeloupe. ​We organized a trip with a perfect balance between traditions (Creole culture, gwoka, authentic landscape, wooden "kaz", colonial dwellings, ancestral manufacture of agricultural rum, kasav, traditional dishes, carnival) and modernity (memorial act, trails, hiking, green tourism, trekking, water sports, seaplane). 



Comité du Tourisme des Iles de Guadeloupe



Content creation



18-45 yo


3 influencers travel/lifestyle, 1 photograph and 1 videast


Pictures, videos, blog article


Instagram, Youtube, blog, exclusive content

Introduce the islands of Guadeloupe to the Quebec market. ​Create aesthetic, engaging and inspiring contents to seduce the Quebecers and attract them to Guadeloupe.

A 4-step campaign - Anorak

A 4-step campaign

Step 01
Institutional travel film

Step 01 Institutional travel film

An institutional travel film to promote the Guadeloupe Islands to North American and French audiences

Step 02
Travel vlogs

Step 02 Travel vlogs

Travel vlogs showing the diversity of landscapes and activities in the islands of Guadeloupe.

Step 03
100 HD photos​

Step 03 100 HD photos​

More than 100 HD photos, including aerial shots of the emblematic places of Guadeloupe.

Step 04
Contents displayed

Step 04 Contents displayed

Contents displayed in a tourism event in Toronto with a printed brochures featuring the influencers' contents.

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Our influenceurs

Lucie Rhéaume Gonzalez

Catherine Paquin

Cindy Cournoyer

David Maman


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