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Social media : the ultimate destination 🗺️

According to a study conducted by Hootsuite and We Are Social, social media users now equate to 59.3 percent of the world’s total population. This figure is forcing tourism and every other sector to rethink their brand image and build a stronger online presence in order to increase their brand awareness.

According to statistics published by the World Tourism Organization, tourism is the world’s leading industry. In 2015, tourism accounted for seven percent of the French GDP, 10 percent of the global GDP, one out of 11 jobs, six percent of global exports, and 30 percent of service exports. The numbers for social networks are just as impressive. A survey report from US travel agency Arrivia shows one in three travellers turn to social media for travel inspiration. This is especially true for those under 27 years old, 60% of whom reported using their socials for travel purposes. This is especially interesting to consider when compared to the 40% of millennial respondents.

Therefore, being visible on social media is of great interest to those involved in the tourism industry. The sector is also facing the new challenge of adapting to a fast-changing world, particularly with regard to climate change. This was one of the key issues discussed at IFTM Top Resa, the tourism and travel trade show held in Paris from September 19 to 21, which we attended. It was an opportunity to learn about the latest tourism trends that have had a positive impact.


Our goal is to be part of the discussion on how marketing can be conducted more conscientiously, notably in the field of tourism. Accordingly, brought to you by Clark Influence, Anorak Travel is an influencer marketing agency dedicated to tourism, born to offer industry expertise based on eco-conscious values.

Our point of departure is quite simple. Travel continues to be our inspiration, but we must review our methods and practices. Although before the health crisis, it was feasible to fly several times a year, today travel patterns are being rethought to prevent the global carbon footprint from increasing. The field is in the midst of a major transformation to meet the challenges ahead and we now hear talk of sustainable tourism, solidarity tourism, and responsible tourism.

You may wonder how these changes materialize into concrete actions. Some people have already taken action and prioritized alternative forms of travel: reducing distances and extending their stay, using sustainable transportation, and choosing environmentally friendly accommodations...
Such is the case of content creators like Léo Bordessoule, who cycles across France, as well as Camille Etienne, who is deeply committed to social and environmental issues. With a prolific number of similar actions on social media, people are being inspired to travel differently. Marketing strategies are therefore also evolving and it is of the utmost importance that tourism companies be supported in their efforts to pioneer this movement in the corporate world.



Some public and private organizations have already tackled this issue. For instance, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism recently launched the Digital Nomads campaign. The campaign promoted a new “nomad visa” to entice foreigners who work remotely to settle down in Ecuador. With this visa, candidates can work from Ecuador for two years.

This campaign accurately reflects the current problem. Ecuador wants to attract a certain type of traveller, one that is responsible and hardworking. The country does not rely on mass travel which is now the case for many destinations such as the Azores or the island of Rodrigues which we had the chance to discover at the IFTM. The aim is to draw in tourists who wish to immerse themselves in the local culture in order to promote fairer tourism.

At Anorak Travel, we already support several clients in this sustainable process and approach. The need to link marketing, tourism and social issues is at the heart of our concerns and strategies. Below are a few cases in which we provided marketing expertise all while intentionally guiding the client toward eco-conscious choices.


In 2019, the Guadeloupe Islands Tourism Committee called on our team to promote the destination to 18–45-year-olds in Quebec. We worked with influencers to come up with promotional content that was then shared on social media. Three lifestyle content creators, a photographer, and a videographer went on the trip. Together, they worked on images for Instagram, YouTube, and their blog. Other content was white-labelled for the destination.
Anorak continues to use footage filmed during the trip for video content, which just goes to show how one trip can give you several years' worth of footage and inspiration.

The Philippines

This campaign came with a different challenge. Using our search software and our influencer savvy, we managed to find Filipino influencers in Canada and Canadian content creators who had already travelled to the Philippines. For this project, we did not ask the activated profiles to visit the destination, but rather to use content that had never been posted before.

The goal was to get them to relive their memories by posting photos and videos that had never been shared online. In the end, the country got great coverage on Instagram and Facebook without the activated influencers ever setting foot on a plane.

Spain Tourism

The campaign was carried out on Instagram where five foodie and lifestyle content creators received a box containing Spanish products, including a paella kit which included the necessary steps and ingredients. The content was then published in celebration of World Paella Day, which fell on September 20.
At a time when it is not always easy to travel, Anorak has shown that it is possible to promote Spain and any other country as exciting travel destinations. In this case, we showcased Spain’s unique cuisine, without ever sending influencers on a trip. This campaign has a low environmental impact as the agency aims to create and collaborate with influencers who are aware of the issues at hand.

The projects at Anorak Travel are designed for the avid traveller who is discerning and concerned with the issues that affect us all. This is why Anorak wants to connect with people who know that travel needs to change, that local communities need to be respected, and that the planet needs to be protected.



Rethinking influencer marketing campaigns, helping tourism players communicate on current issues, and implementing projects that make sense . . . Anorak Travel’s mission is to create impactful campaigns in a sector where everything is still in flux. To achieve this, we want to surround ourselves with content creators who share our values, aligning ourselves with environmentally conscious influencers.

These ambassadors are keen to travel the world but are considerate of how they do so. This is the type of person we want to grow with and the stakes are far too high to be ignored.

Anorak Travel, a passionate agency that will accompany you in all your amazing influencer marketing adventures

By placing your destination in the hands of the most relevant influencers we will create impactful concepts to make you stand out! The main objective is to create a campaign that reflects your values and the messages you want to convey. Want us to find talent capable of embodying your destination with a turnkey influencer campaign? We would be delighted to send you a proposal. Contact us at

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