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Greater Reims
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office de tourisme du grand reims



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Anorak was asked to promote the city of Reims in 2 main moments : the Christmas Market and the spring to a Northern European audience. The Reims Christmas market is a national event and the third largest Christmas market in France with more than 150 chalets on site, all in a festive and family atmosphere. A unique event that brings together families and travellers by combining the discovery of heritage, tasting of local gastronomy and fun and cultural activities. Few months later, 2 others influencers discover the charming city with the first wonderful spring sun!



Greater Reims Tourist Office


Awareness of Reims, its heritage and its Christmas market


Men and women aged 25 to 60 living in a Nordic country


Cultural travellers Culinary globetrotters Traveling Parents (Foodie; Travel; Family)


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A 3-step campaign

A 3-step campaign - Anorak

Step 01
Teaser content

Step 01 Teaser content

Through inspiring and inviting visuals, the influencers used engaging features (polls, ask) to warn of an upcoming departure to Reims and determine the community's interest and knowledge of the Reims region.

Step 02
On-site content

Step 02 On-site content

The culturally rich program was a boon for content creation. Influencers shared all their stay, the good addresses restaurants, visits of Champagne Houses, walks in the vineyards with a main focus on the Christmas market which remains in the heart of the winter campaign. In spring, it was the discoveries of the vineyards by bike with enthusiastic guides that caught the hearts of the influencers!

Step 03
Post-event content

Step 03 Post-event content

Inspire and create interest for the city, its Christmas market and its heritage, by inviting influencers from different Northern European countries to visit the Christmas market (3 days/2nights). This trip was an opportunity for them to create content by discovering the cultural richness of the city, while immersing themselves in the euphoric and festive atmosphere of the end-of-year celebrations. On the program: individual guided tour of the city, visit of the champagne houses and tasting on site, discovery of the vineyards, visit of the Christmas market and the exceptionnal light show on the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral : Regalia

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Our influencers

Lea Hvidt Kessler

Marijn Post

Daniel Jensen

Carola Kirschbaum

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