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Hotel Montreal

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The Vogue Hotel Montreal has mandated Anorak Travel to increase awareness of the establishment in Quebec and create exclusive content. Recently taken over by the Hilton Group for its Curio collection, the Vogue Hotel Montreal invited 7 influencers to (re)discover the beautiful city of Montreal for a weekend. A single watchword: #LiveYourCuriosity.



Vogue Hotel Montreal



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6 creators: Photograph, Urban Creative, Young family, Business, Aventure


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We've selected 7 influencers to (re)discover the beautiful city of Montreal for a weekend. A campaign run at a specific timing, just when Canadians are ready to travel again. A single watchword: #LiveYourCuriosity.

Live your curiosity

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Step 01

Invitation of the influenceurs


6 influencers received a special invite from the Hotel Vogue Montreal to live their curiosity in different ways: #LIVEyourcuriosity with the hotel stay, #EXPLOREyourcuriosity with a guide of Montreal made by the concierge, #EXPERIENCEyourcuriosity thanks to a pass for a unique activity in town and #TASTEyourcuriosity at the delicious restaurant of the hotel.

Step 02

Their stay at the hotel


During their stay at the hotel, the content creators lived a unique and personnalized experience with the 4 pillars of the campaign : Live, Eat, Explore, Experience Your Curiosity. Through IG stories and divers in-feed posts they immersed their audience in the hidden face of Montreal.

Step 03

Giveaway after their stay​


After each stay, the content creators shared a in-feed content with a giveaway to offer the experience to one subscriber. It allows the acquisition of more than 1,600 subscribers on the Hotel Vogue Montreal account and more than 3,000 participations to the giveaways.

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Our influencers

Tiffany Lai

Bertrand Exertier

Catherine Gosselin

Caterine Beaudoin

Emilia Guigère

Virginie Pilotte

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