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To show the different services and shops of YUL, Lucie Rhéaume & Sonia Zarbatany showed to their community how their trip started directly at YUL airport.



Montréal-Trudeau International Airport


Awareness, content creation and growing the community


Quebecers 20-50 yo



2 travel influencers

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Your trip starts at YUL Airport.

Step 01
Airport services

Step 01 Airport services

Airport services (Secure Xpress and Parking Étagé) Sonia Zarbatany shows her audience how parking is ideal for getaways and business trips while Lucie Rhéaume explains the advantages of SecureXpress offered for domestic and international flights which allows passengers to benefit from an express passage to security by avoiding the queue.

Step 02
Airport shops

Step 02 Airport shops

The airport shops (Tristan and Löle) Sonia Zarbatany chooses an outfit at Tristan for a business trip and Lucie Rhéaume asks her community to help her choose the colour of her Löle jacket for her family's trip to the Jordanian desert.

Step 03
Airport restaurants

Step 03 Airport restaurants

The airport restaurants (RYU and Bistrot Montréal Trudeau and Archibald) Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, there is something for every culinary taste at the Montreal airport.

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