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12 European TikTokers to help you explore the world

TikTok has taken our smartphones and our minds by storm, sparking a new wave of exploration and inspiration. It's no longer just a platform for dancing and comedic challenges, as it was in its early days, but also the starting point for breathtaking adventure, the discovery of sometimes uncharted horizons and captivating cultures. Today, TikTok is a fully-fledged search engine for those (especially Gen-Z) looking for inspiration for their next destination, and the creators have fully embraced the platform's codes to build communities and spread strong messages.

Welcome to the world of travel TikTokers, where every scroll opens a window on the world!

In a world where physical travel has been sidelined for some time, the TikTok creators have turned limitations into opportunities. In the space of a few seconds, get ready to immerse yourself in the bustling streets of Tokyo, get lost in the colorful markets of Marrakech and dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, all from the comfort of your sofa.

The great added value of these videos is the sharing of personal experiences (tips, hotel recommendations, prices, must-sees and hidden spots) that bring an authentic dimension and in which global communities identify more closely. Content creators have the rare ability to convey the wonder of travel through a small screen and capture the essence of each place in just a few clicks.

We've listed 12 travel TikTokers who have mastered the art of turning seconds into adventures. Their passion for exploration and talent for storytelling will remind you that the world is vast, diverse and incredibly beautiful. Whether in your own backyard or on the other side of the world, they're about to take you on an unforgettable virtual journey. Hang on, we're about to take off!

Yaya and Lloyd are THE iconic pair to follow for your travel destinations! Hailing from the UK, they share their adventures around the world with breathtaking images and visuals! They have over 1.1M subscribers on TikTok and have also written the book "Hand Baggage only" about the best places to visit in England, Scotland and Wales. They also have a wonderful travel blog.


When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, that's exactly how Chris' content makes you feel. It's almost as if the Earth has hired him as its personal photographer. Chris has a truly unique cinematic and visual talent. Join over 486k people in following his adventures, a real feast for the eyes!


Originally from Sweden, Jenny offers us a sublime travel adventure with warm, vividly colored landscape shots. Follow in the footsteps of her 346k subscribers and let yourself be carried away by her great tropical adventure, while enjoying a peaceful moment under relaxing music.


Originally from Germany, Roemer takes us on a tour of his travels via wonderful little summary films made with his drone companion.With over 437k subscribers, he also has his own website on which he details the various services he can offer, as well as the many brands he's been lucky enough to collaborate with.


Originally from France, Laura and Thibault take us with them on their roadtrip through Europe, via their magnificent minivan. Don't miss the must-sees from each of the countries they visit, as well as her tips and advice for a better experience of life on the road. She has over 22.7k subscribers on her TikTok account.


Italian-born Gabriella is a travel designer who loves discovering hidden spots around the world, places used for film production and special events and restaurants.Don't miss the chance to step back into your childhood with visuals from your favorite films. Gabriella has over 332k subscribers on TikTok.


Travelling the world is Marta's lifestyle. Whenever she gets the chance, she books a ticket to embark on a brand new adventure! Whether in Europe or America, Marta lets us feel her joy and gratitude for traveling through her videos. She never misses an opportunity to give her 57.2k subscribers valuable tips!


Traveling around the world for the past 10 years, Elisa, Max and little Lily have taken to the road all over Europe to share their travel experiences and intriguing discoveries in the many Airbnb and hotel accommodations they've visited.To make sure you have the best travel plans and destinations, we recommend you read the book "Escapade Insolite en France" and visit their website for more discoveries!


Finnish Janna recently embarked on an adventure in Africa and has already visited over 10 countries on the continent.But that's far from the end of it, as she says there are more countries to come! Her content is not only visual, but also touches on the human and community aspect. She has over 13.5k subscribers on TikTok.


"But it's just a little spot, I don't see what's so special about it". On the contrary, through her content, Lucy shows us how such small places can be simply beautiful and memorable! With 13.3k subscribers, she also shows us her best places to discover in each of the countries she visits.


Are you a fan of hiking, road trips and vanlife? You'll love Axelle's account! Since 2021, she's been crisscrossing the roads of Europe with her partner in search of magnificent landscapes. With 61.9k subscribers, she shares her daily life with the aim of inspiring others to travel and live their dreams.


Originally from Spain, Alez shares short vlogs about her experiences traveling the world. From destination ideas to budget deals, Alex knows how to inspire his 302k TikTok subscribers to take a trip.

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