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Travel and Tourism: Trends for 2024

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The travel and tourism industry is constantly evolving, influenced by factors such as social and  several key trends have been identified, significantly transforming the travel experience and responding  to the changing needs of modern travelers. However, it is essential to remain alert to future developments, as the travel industry continues to evolve rapidly...

Trend 1: Travel-Entertainment

We've coined the term "film tourism" or "set-jetting", which merges travel and entertainment. It could also be called "ciné-tourisme" or "set-jetting" (traveling to places seen on the big and small screens), but these do not include the mention of music, which is now becoming a notable trend. Let's start with film tourism; it's becoming a major trend in the tourism sector, accentuated by the age of streaming and the proliferation of screens. The practice involves people planning their vacations and exploring destinations that have been the setting for films or TV series. Contrary to the idea that this approach is reserved for die-hard fans, a recent Expedia study shows that 2/3 of French people aged 18 to 44 have considered visiting a destination seen on screen, and 39% have booked a trip after discovering a destination on screen. What's more, 35% of them admit that TV series and films have a greater influence on their travel plans than ever before.

Music also plays a major role in influencing travel choices. Nearly 60% of French people surveyed said they would be willing to travel to a concert outside their home town, and over 40% considered a concert to be an excellent reason to discover a new destination. They are also thinking about their wallets, since 23% would be willing to travel outside their city to attend a concert, where the ticket would be less expensive.

After announcing the dates of their upcoming tour, Coldplay generated worldwide excitement. According to Amadeus, the planned performances in Romania and Greece in 2024 generated a significant impact on search/booking activity during the period under review. The announcement of the European tour dates was marked by a 62% increase in flight searches to Athens. Romania also felt the effect of the band's arrival, with a 91% increase in flight searches for the week of the show compared to the previous week. 

As for Taylor Swift, the continuation of Era's Tour in 2024 should also influence travel worldwide. Indeed, in February 2024, scheduled concerts in Melbourne and Sydney have had a powerful impact on booking volumes, registering an impressive average week-on-week growth of 446%. These new dynamics reflect a significant shift in the way media, whether film, TV or music, influence people's travel preferences and choices.


Trend 2: "Dupes" are booming!

Buying a "dupe" means choosing a product inspired by that of a major brand, but at a lower price. So "dupes"is derived from "duplicate"!

Launched on TikTok in the "fashion department", the trend now extends to travel bookings, with nearly half of French travelers choosing less crowded alternative destinations, and 40% considering them more unusual.

Between September 1 2022 and August 31 2023, "dupe" searches increased exponentially over the previous year...

More and more holidaymakers are opting for lesser-known, off-the-beaten-track destinations, which become ideal destinations for getting away from the crowds and offering the possibility and accessibility of numerous cultural experiences and visits.


Trend 3: Wellness, Outdoor & Detox

Without excess, without alcohol, vacations where you take your time, where comfort comes first through the various outdoor facilities integrated into rentals and accommodation, are increasingly in demand! 

In fact, over 27% of French travelers say they plan to book a detox trip in 2024. While almost a third of them see the financial aspect as the main reason for adopting this trend, others are simply looking to avoid the aftermath of a difficult evening.

In fact, 42% of French people say they would be interested in staying in a hotel where non-alcoholic drinks are available. Some establishments are capitalizing on this trend, such as the Merrion Hotel in Ireland, which "distills" its own alcohol-free gin, or the Wynn in Las Vegas, which offers "Drinking Well", a very select alcohol-free cocktail program.

When it comes to accommodation, almost half of French people consider the outdoor facilities of a vacation rental to be the most important factor when choosing a place to stay, far ahead of the rental's indoor facilities (22%). In 2024, a beautiful garden, an outdoor kitchen, a Finnish spa, a garden brazier, a swimming corridor or even a vegetable garden will be all the rage. Some will go even further, echoing the 2023 trend of "slow tourism"; more sustainable accommodation is the subject of an unprecedented craze. Booking research shows that 73% of customers are more likely to book in establishments that have implemented sustainable practices, and that partners who have already adopted such practices offer even better customer experiences.

Also, with temperatures rising all over the world, travelers are looking for cooler destinations to escape the heat. Three quarters of male and female travelers say that being close to water instantly relaxes them. As a result, "cool" places and activities such as water-skiing, paddle-boarding, surfing or windsurfing are increasingly in demand. 

Finally, in view of current events and global instability, taking care of oneself has become a priority for travelers. The 58% of people surveyed who wish to rest without interruption in 2024 mark the beginning of a new era that accommodation providers must face up to: that of sleep tourism. As a result, many hotels are thinking about and developing offers focused on relaxation (XXL bedding, sauna/spa, hydrotherapy pools, yoga, reflexology, etc.).


Trend 4: From Travelers to AI-Venturers

With the integration of artificial intelligence, the tourism and travel sector in 2024/2025 could undergo significant changes. Generative AI, capable of producing a variety of responses (text, images, etc.) and maintaining conversations based on simple commands and natural language, simplifies various aspects of research, including travel planning.

Already convinced, 40% of French people aged 18 to 34 plan to organize their vacations in 2024 with the help of AI tools. A third of French travelers are counting on this technology to save time (31%), 28% to unearth the ideal stay, 25% to plan activities, and 23% to compare flight options. Generative artificial intelligence dramatically improves the online travel planning experience by offering intuitive, personalized advice. Rather than using filters on a site to refine a request, travelers can simply relay their needs to a chatbot. For example, Expedia's new ChatGPT plug-in acts as a virtual travel assistant, listening to customers' needs and instantly providing hotel and itinerary recommendations, with booking links. This development will relieve the workload of employees responsible for customer service and feedback management, giving them the opportunity to bring a human touch to more specific questions.


 In conclusion, the travel and tourism industry continues to transform with several key trends shaping the traveler experience. The influence of film and music, the search for less touristy and conventional destinations, the need for detox/wellness and the impact of artificial intelligence reflect a constant adaptation to social, environmental and technological changes. 2024, let's see what you have in store for us!


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