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Must-Visit Tourism Exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Brazil

We are well aware that the tourism industry is constantly evolving, and professionals in the sector are always seeking new opportunities to expand their businesses. Wherever they are in the world, tourism trade shows are essential events. Gathering key players in the industry, these shows facilitate international networking, idea sharing, and insights into tourism trends in the markets they operate (popular destinations, traveler habits, communications, and recommendations).

At Anorak, we have compiled a list (and tested a few) of must-visit international exhibitions in North America (USA and Canada), Europe, and Brazil. We share this information in this article.

Tourism Exhibition in the United States

USA: A vast and diverse market.

1. U.S. Travel Association's IPW

If we were to choose just one exhibition in the United States, it would undoubtedly be the "U.S. Travel Association's IPW." It is the flagship event of the American tourism industry. Each year, thousands of tourism professionals from around the world come together, offering unique opportunities for networking, contract negotiations, and promoting tourism products and services. If you are considering entering the North American market or expanding your current activities in this market, this is the exhibition not to be missed!

Next date: May 3 to May 7, 2024

Next location: Los Angeles, USA

Tourism Exhibitions in Canada

Canada: Two distinct markets.

2. Rendez-Vous Canada (RVC)

Rendez-Vous Canada (RVC) is a leading exhibition in the Canadian tourism industry, showcasing Canadian destinations. It provides exhibitors with the opportunity to connect with international buyers, promote exceptional tourism products and services, and discover new market trends. The location of the exhibition changes every year, so stay tuned for the next Canadian city that will host RVC.

Next date: To be confirmed (May-June 2024)

Next location: To be confirmed

3. Salon International Tourisme Voyage (SITV)

For Quebec, we recommend the Salon International Tourisme Voyage (SITV) in Montreal. This exhibition focuses on French-speaking Canadian customers. While exhibitors mainly come from Quebec, they also come from other parts of Canada and around the world. If you aim to target local destinations, this is a must-attend event. Note that the exhibition is open to the general public looking for travel inspiration, but professionals are equally welcome.

Next date: November 3 to November 5, 2023

Next location: Montreal, Qc, Canada

Tourism Exhibitions in Europe

Europe: The hardest part is choosing.

4. Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin (ITB Berlin)

Among the many exhibitions organized in Europe, ITB Berlin is considered the world's largest tourism exhibition. This event brings together key players in the international tourism industry and offers a unique platform to showcase destinations, establish partnerships, and share knowledge. Participation in ITB Berlin can open new business opportunities and enhance visibility for companies in the European tourism industry. It's a real labyrinth! Three days are not enough to visit all the stands, of course, but it's a treasure trove for making contacts. We recommend it for a glimpse of a trip around the world in the middle of winter.

Next date: March 5 to March 7, 2024

Next location: Berlin, Germany

5. World Travel Market London (WTM London)

WTM London is equally impressive in terms of exhibition size and the diversity of represented countries. It primarily attracts a clientele based in the United Kingdom, but it is also open to nearby markets. It is a great networking venue with relevant targeted conferences to decipher industry news and new trends. Expect a conference hosted by Anorak, so stay tuned!...

Next date: November 6 to November 8 2023

Next location: Londres, Royaume-Uni

6. International & French Travel Market Top Résa Paris (IFTM Top Résa Paris)

The world's most visited destination would not miss such an opportunity to promote its market. French people are avid travelers to distant and nearby countries, making IFTM Top Résa in Paris essential for any industry actor. Over three days, you can explore five continents and attend conferences in both French and English.

Next date: October 3 to October 5, 2023

Next location: Paris, France

Tourism Exhibition in Brazil

Brazil: The meeting point of South America.

7. World Travel Market LATIN AMERICA (WTM Lat-Am)

WTM Latin America is the major exhibition for the Brazilian tourism industry. The Brazilian market fascinates and attracts the entire world. If it is one of your priority markets, we strongly encourage you to meet your future international buyers, business partners, and follow the trends of this particularly specific market at WTM Latin America! Participation in WTM Latin America is an excellent way to penetrate the booming Brazilian tourism market. International actors are present at this exhibition, which grows bigger every year. Take advantage of this exhibition to spend time in Brazil (and say hello to us) and experience the life of a Digital Nomad.

Next date: April 15 to April 17, 2024

Next location: São Paulo, Brazil


Tourism exhibitions are essential highlights for industry professionals seeking to establish connections, promote their products and services, and stay on top of the latest trends. Dozens of exhibitions take place worldwide each year, and we have only presented the main ones for these three major markets - choices must be made. If you plan to attend the next editions: write to us! Let's take advantage of these great opportunities to meet and understand our mutual challenges in these key markets.

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