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Travel with your pet : Top 10 of travel influencers with their companions 🐕

We often say that animals are the best companions. For some influencers, this thought goes even further. Indeed, some of them do not choose to travel with friends or relatives, they rather choose to travel with their pet and even go so far as to create their own social networks for them. They make us discover their adventures and their journeys through magnificent pictures and videos on social. But why do some influencers put so much emphasis on their animal in their content? It is interesting to note that on Instagram, an animal will engage 3 to 6 times more than a human being. The engagement rate of animals is usually between 6 and 12%, while it is 2.15% on average for humans. We can thus see that animals are popular on social networks. Here are 10 profiles of influencers who travel with their animals and that we particularly like at Anorak.


mddyelrck 🇨🇦

Madison is a nature lover who introduces us to the magnificent landscapes of Canada through her posts which allow us to live her experiences. Her way of taking videos and photos really makes you feel like you're there with her.

Often accompanied by her dog Oesa, Madison likes to go kayaking and hiking with her companion who is always there to watch her. Her social is mainly composed of lakes and mountains, a real postcard!


sukiicat 🇨🇦

On this page, we can find Suki, a 5-year-old cat and Killua, a Husky from a shelter. Together they explore nature with their human. Mountains, lakes, fields and much more are put forward by the small family which allows us to see what nature has to offer. Followed by 1.9 million people, Suki's followers are highly engaged with her posts, as it's clear that this cat's adventures are out of the ordinary. Indeed, it is not usual to see a cat following its owner in all his outdoor adventures.


justinewdm 🇫🇷

Exploring the world wouldn't be the same without the company of Montana, Léon and Marcelle. This is what Justine understood and wants to put forward on her page. Italy, Slovenia and Austria are among the places they have visited together. Fanatic about beautiful views and van trips, the family makes us live beautiful moments through their publications that make us want to travel too. Justine also educates her community on the constraints of traveling with animals : it’s not always easy.


little.gypsea 🇫🇷

Little Gypsy is a travel influencer who likes to go on adventures with her dog Ayko. She shares her life stories, her adventures and all her secrets on how to travel in a van. A lover of cycling and the outdoors, Little Gypsy shares her experiences with us in real time and teaches us a lot about life as a woman traveling alone.


thiswildidea 🇺🇸

Theron Humphrey is always accompanied by his dog Maddie when he goes on a trip. Theron's main wish was to adopt a shelter dog to give him the best possible life and that's what he and Maddie have been doing for over 10 years now.

Whether it's for Kayaking, Paddleboarding or simply sleeping in, Maddie and Theron make us travel and live all kinds of experiences. Followed by 1.3 million people, they bring a sense of calm and adventure to their page, which is a hit with their followers. Through his photographs, Theron allows people to create their own interpretations and stories that they experience in their own way.


Henry and Baloo are two animals who were adopted from a shelter by their owners. They also accompany them on all their outdoor adventures. We can often see them in tents, on the edge of a lake, in the mountains, in short, always in nature! Henry unfortunately left his family not too long ago and it is Pan who is Baloo’s new companion.

Founders of the Henry and Baloo Foundation, their owners want to preserve 1,000 acres in the American West, proof that they have nature at heart. Their page is like a breath of fresh air, as we feel like we are in kind with them in each of their posts.


Christina is an adventurer who loves the outdoors and being in nature with her two dogs: Jesse and Tanner. Suffering from anxiety, it is nature and the great outdoors that allow him to decompress. Moreover, through her outdoor outings and her photographs with her two dogs, Christina shares her tips and tricks for having a healthy and balanced life. Very close and transparent with her subscribers, she shares her personal experiences and sparks great conversations.


quingable 🇺🇸

Quin is a young woman who travels alone in her van, accompanied by her two cats. She loves adventures, travels and hikes. She mainly shares “day in the life” type videos, travel tips and all kinds of adventure ideas with her subscribers. Of course, her two cats are always there to keep her company and that's what makes her page so charming.


A lover of the outdoors and water, Savannah does everything with her companion Luna. Paddleboarding, horseback riding, camping and swimming, the two partners always go out to live new experiences together. Their page also allows us to escape through different national parks and discover all that nature has to offer.

Being a flight attendant, Christina unfortunately cannot take Luna everywhere, but she is always ready to go on an adventure when Christina is back.


Oliver is a 5-year-old pig who lives in Arizona and has energy to spare. We can follow him through his travels and accompany him on his extraordinary adventures as a pig. A lover of food and the outdoors, Oliver is always ready to snack and roll in the grass.

Followed by more than 12,000 people, this desert pig brings joy and humor to his subscribers who particularly like to interact with him through his publications.


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